The novelty is that Đuro Đaković Centar za zavarivanje d.o.o. provides technical backup (for final certification with partner TÜV Croatia d.o.o. – member of TÜV NORD) for following scopes

Product certification

CE and П mark:

  • validation of product conformity with valid EC guidelines
  • in association with TÜV logo it strengthens customer’s trust in products – key for independent European market

Certification of personnel

  • Testing of operators and welders according to EN 1418, EN ISO 9606-1 (EN 287-1), ISO 9606-2(3,4,5), PED 97/23/EC, AD 2000 HP3, ASME, ...
  • Testing of control personnel according to EN 9712 (EN 473) and PED 97/23/EC
  • Testing of supervisory personnel according to EN 14731

System certification

  • PED and TPED – manufacturers of pressure vessels according to EU guidelines and Modules from A1 to H1
  • AD 2000 HP0 – manufacturers of pressure vessels according to German guidelines
  • ISO 3834 (EN 729) – training of plant for welding works
  • EN 1090-2 (DIN 18800-7) – manufacturers of welded constructions
  • EN 15085-2 (DIN 6700-2) – manufacturers of railcars and associated equipment
  • EN 12952 – manufacturers of boiler plants

Technology certification

  • Validation of welding and bending procedures according to EN 15614-, EN 13445-, EN 12952-, PED 97/23/EC, AD 2000 HP2/1, ASME, ...

Additional head treatment of welded joints

  • Defining, organization and implementation of procedures of preheating and additional heat treatment of welded joints according to ISO 17663 in workshops and on assembly sites in Croatia and abroad with own equipment and expert personnel