Continuous monitoring of welding personnel in the labor market, needs of different investors, complex technological requirements and applying increasingly complex welding materials, ongoing efforts necessary for continuous training of welders are being invested.

Basic requirements for access to the course

Base course

  1. Completed primary school
  2. Valid medical certificate for the profession welder

Advanced course

  1. Valid certificate according to ISO 9606 (EN 287-1) or ASME SECTION IX for one welding procedure
  2. Minimal 20 years of age, minimal 2 years of work experience as welder in plant or on construction site
  3. Completed vocational education technical direction
  4. Employment, and a valid medical certificate for the profession welder

Theoretical education in Open University LIBAR

It consists of 6 different units (areas) which are provided through the topics covered by the minimum knowledge of welding technology:

  1. Welding procedures and equipment
  2. Materials and their behaviour during welding
  3. Construction and design
  4. Production and applied engineering
  5. Safety at work
  6. Practical part

The organization and implementation of the course

  • complete course is organized in own space in Slavonski Brod
  • candidates are presented with individual sample testing methods with and without destruction
  • lecturers:
    • engineers of various companies from group "Đuro Đaković"
    • professors from Mechanical engineering faculty in Slavonski Brod
    • welding specialized engineers

Practical part of training

  • Performed in Đuro Đaković Centar za zavarivanje d.o.o and in production plants of group "Đuro Đaković"
  • Training consists of:
    • mastering practical skills for welding work in workshops
    • simulating the mounting conditions and difficult welding field
    • verification of welders' ability in the knowledge of welding procedures for which it is qualified