What we do...

Technical support

In collaboration with inspection body TÜV NORD for implementation and surveillance of quality management systems according to ISO 3834 (EN 729), AD 2000 HP0 and different Modules from A1 to H1 according to DGRL 97/23/EG for obtaining CE, П and GS mark.

Certification of welders

Testing and certification of welders is done according to DIN, EN 287-1, ISO 9606-2(3,4,5), DGRL 97/23/EG, AD 2000-HP3, ASME and other valid international standards in collaboration with TÜV NORD (Notified Bodies No. 0045), in our own space with a collection of over 150 types of OM and DM, and on-site testing.


In collaboration with Open University LIBAR with verified programs from Ministry of science, education and sports – with the issuance of legal education certificate (former registration in employment card) – according to german DVS programs, customer and own requirements, through practice confirmed programs, respectively basic and advanced vocational training for procedures:

  • TIG (in protective atmosphere of argon)
  • MIG (in protective atmosphere of argon)
  • MAG (in protective atmosphere of argon and/or CO2)
  • MMA (manual metal arc welding)
  • G (gas - autogenous)
  • welding with cellulose and other special electrodes, with use of welding mirror, in awkward postures, Cr-Ni steels, aluminum alloys, ...

Qualification of welding procedures

Preparation, making and implementation of qualification of welding procedures:

  • certification of technological welding procedures according to HRN, DIN, EN15614-1, DGRL 97/23/EG, AD 2000-HP2/1, ASME and other valid international standards, in collaboration with TÜV NORD and TÜV Croatia, in our own space or on-site.
  • making of technological welding procedures
  • making of Instructions (WPS) for welding
  • making of technological welding procedures and heat treatment
  • making of technological cards and welding plans

Heat treatment of welded joints

Preparation, making and implementation of heat treatment of welded joints:

  • Defining, organization and implementation of procedures of preheating and additional heat treatment of welded joints according to ISO 17663 in workshops and on assembly sites in Croatia and abroad.