The continued absence of the required WIG welders – (Croatian expression "Argonac"), was a motive to register our Internet domain as

About us

The company Đuro Đaković d.d. (now private company Bilfinger Đuro Đaković Montaža Ltd.), specialized for performing works on power, industrial and petrochemical plants, and on steel constructions, was founded several decades ago their own School of welding, which was registered on February 1st 1999 as company Đuro Đaković Montaža Centar za zavarivanje d.o.o. corresponding department "School of welding" is 100% privately owned and funded exclusively through its own high-quality results.


One quality Company can take its permanent and competitive position on labour market only if it reduces and prevents occurrence of high percentage of welders' mistakes due to unrehearsed and poor basic training. It is clear that occurrence of mistakes during welding harms the reputation of the company, makes unnecessarily high costs and reduces the calculated gain and because of that taking of quality actions, quality training and pre-training of welding personnel should be performed.


Our company, with its human and material resources and in practice confirmed training programs, is offering to all other companies education and testing of existing welding capacities where it will be allowed to create human resources base for contracting and successful realization of welding jobs by continued realization of vocational education of welders. We are hoping for announced and very favourable incentives from National employment program, our operative and expeditious activities, long-term business-technical cooperation with TÜV, quality and exclusive prices to interest companies' business people, and all individuals for education as ever more popular welders.


Due to the complexity and quality of welding works carried out by the most wanted welders, respectively as there is a need due to permanent lack of WIG welders – ARGONAC, Đuro Đaković Centar za zavarivanje is offering to all, as one of the best equipped Schools of welding in region, possibility of solving one of the biggest problems of our time – possibility for easier employment.

What we offer

Quality programs adapted to market requirements.

Our programs have been created and perfected during many years of work and by monitoring of the needs and development of welding on the market, which means that complete training consists of 100% practical exercises.

In case of need for certificate for vocation "Welder", refined practical lessons and additional theoretical training is done in collaboration with Open University LIBAR – they prescribe performing of practical exercises according to verified programs for education of adults, according to approval by Ministry of science, education and sports.


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